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Circle : Momoiro Code
Release : Jan/25/2020
Series : Mimikaki Relaxation Shop Michikusaya
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 1.09 GB

A rustic inn in the tranquil countryside.
A subtitled ear cleaning audio work to guide you to sleep with the warm and calming sound of crackling hot coals.
The next day, you receive a haircut on the veranda.
Relax with the voices of winter birds, and a song of the Ainu people from a countryside girl.
Two and a half days of relaxing attention with ear cleaning, haircut, hand massage...

* A sense of closeness
Feel the tranquility and slight weightiness of distinctive winter sounds,
such as snowy breezes, or creaking floorboards...

* Day 1 - Fireside ear cleaning
Let this more mature atmosphere help you achieve relaxation.

~ Sizzling black coals, and comforting white coals
The first half gives you the faint sound of a crackling fire with black coals,
while the second half dulls it to a slow burn with white coals.
Be calmed by the long, low frequency sounds of the fire.

~ Bamboo ear cleaning
The sound of bamboo ear cleaning is not a sharp, grating one, but a softer, more relaxing one.

We think you will be able to feel it as it moves about your ear.

* Day 2 - haircut on the veranda
You are unable to refuse a nice relaxing haircut.

~ Daytime
Everyone is busy with the big New Years clean-up.
You can occasionally make out the sounds of people shuffling about.

~ Ainu song
She hums the beautiful song as she cuts your hair.
It is a light lullaby.

CVs: Renge Toudou, Uzume Kariori

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