Posted by : Kirazu May 26, 2020

Circle : ajaib suara
Release : Mar/20/2020
Series : Precocious Bitch Sadist Imouto
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 77 MB

Your little sister is a real sadist with a bad attitude, and she treats you like a dummy.
This work is about learning the basics of something from her.

Now that the holidays are over, your little sister's a bit concerned about her weight.
Why not exercise and go on a diet with her?
You're such a pervert... can't that stuff wait until after the workout?

Little Sister: (CV: Aki Togawa)
As far as you're concerned, she's kind of a bitch and pretty slutty.
But her teachers and your parents love her thanks to her excellent grades.
She's the type of sister to call her brother annoying, gross, perverted...

[Track List]
0) Title/Intro
1) Massages Are Important
2) Sweat is Salty
3) Your Reward For Doing Your Best is...
4) Bonus/SFX version

Total playback: 67 minutes

CV: Aki Togawa

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