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Circle : fuguriya
Release : Oct/14/2016
Series : Kissing the Petal
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 80 MB

A lovey dovey, super ecchi, yurin yurin voice drama desu ~

Miya has lost her memories!? She needs to remember love!

This is a girls-love-tastic afterstory to the game soft
"Kissing the Petal: Snow white knight"
(Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Shirayuki no kishi) ~
in which Risa & Miya attend St Michael's Girls Academy,
the school for privileged ojosamas.

Risa and Miya were as in love as always but, Risa was troubled...
Every single day Miya was singularly obsessed with sex.
Risa finally had to say something. "You stupid... stupid... nympho!"
In a state of shock Miya fainted and bumped her head...

The resulting amnesia caused Miya to forget everything
between dating Risa until now. They had to start all over... and
Risa was very happy. "Miya's not a sexpot anymore!"
So began their loving, lezzie relationship therapy (?),
on the road to rehabilitation or maybe a whole new path ~

 CVs: Kuroi Neko (as Risa), Nerine Akimoto (as Miya)

 Format & length: MP3, 72 minutes

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