Posted by : Kirazu Jun 6, 2020

Circle : Nekojita Association 
Release : Apr/03/2019
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 976 MB

01 [If you suddenly get your ears licked during a conversation you can't prepare for it]
02 [If you're told to fap fap through moaning you can't help but fap]
03 [If your nipples are licked in order of the Japanese alphabet, you'll cum midway]
04 [If you fap-stroke 1 time every 10 seconds you can continue fapping forever]
05 [If you're listening to this doujin work, you're probably not a stand-up guy]
+ bonus 8 variation fap fap voice
+ ear licking voice
+ cumming voice

2 hours 14 min 55 sec playback (50 min of which are track 4's fap-loop)

CV: Soramame.

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