Posted by : Kirazu Jun 14, 2020

Circle : 風呂井戸ソフト
Release : Oct/22/2019
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 453 MB

In a fantasy world, the warrior Elgar, on a quest to defeat a dragon, stumbles across an inn run by 3 beautiful sisters.
But it turns out they are futanari succubi, and they trap him in the dream world.
There, they turn him into a girl, and violate him with their d*cks.

Synchronize yourself with the audio, and experience feminizing pleasure!

Playback time: 3 hours 35 minutes
(Main part: 2 hours 1 minute + Extra content 1 hour 34 minutes)

Momoka Yuzuki (Narration)
Yukiko Shinomori (As succubus sisters)

Shiho Bubaigawara (as Erika (Elgar))

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Sharer | YuuDrive

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