Posted by : Kirazu Jun 3, 2020

Circle : Momoiro Code
Release : Jan/25/2020
Series : Mimikaki Relaxation Shop Michikusaya
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 340 MB

A subtitled ear cleaning audio work to evoke nostalgic feelings of childhood.

You can faintly hear the sound of someone under the same roof, and the ticktock of a pendulum.

You spend the lethargic time with a sleepy-looking shop worker,
and relax in a comfortable, nostalgic atmosphere.

* The feeling of an old lifestyle
Other than the singing, insects, you can faintly hear other sounds around the inn.
The sound of someone carrying dishes down the hallway, the sound of cleaning leaves,
the tick-tock of an old clock pendulum...

* A masterfully crafted clock
There is an old, nostalgic chiming clock in the room.
Its rhythmic sounds help guide you to a peaceful sleep as it's pendulum slowly swings with the passage of time.
The timing of its swings with your breathing has a calming effect.

* Transmitted yawns
The first half has lots of yawning.
Yawns can be transmitted not only by seeing or hearing them, but simply by thinking about them.
It's relaxing, and makes you feel a kind of affinity with others.

* Solfeggio frequencies
Solfeggio frequencies are said to have different effects depending on the frequencies.
They can make a certain feeling stronger or weaker, depending on their use.
For example, the first part is a bit more suppressed, while the second half emphasizes comfortable rest.

* Specialized for relaxation
Be guided to blissful sleep as an easy-going countryside girl cleans and nibbles your ears, and gives you a massage.
Take in the slow atmosphere with audio that has been carefully adjusted to be comfortable listening over many hours.

CV: Hiiro Mamiya

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