Posted by : Kirazu Jun 13, 2020

Circle : Panda Cafe
Release : Apr/26/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 372 MB

My lover was a witch!?
One day our hero finds out his girlfriend is secretly a witch, and starts helping her in her
magical work. What kind of help? Collecting materials, of course. But she doesn't
just need the standard stuff like semen or earwax, she also needs emotional energy.
You know, surprise, shame -- things like that. Will he be able to help her out?

- Recorded binaurally for added realism!

- Breathing and ear licking!

- A scenario written by a girl!

- In a rare turn of events for an audio work with a virgin heroine,
instead of being shy and withdrawn, this girl gets a little too carried away...

- 2 hours and 43 minutes of audio!

Witch Girlfriend
A serious but sometimes absent-minded witch.
A virgin with no sexual experience.
Our hero is her first boyfriend.
The pair hasn't done anything more than kissing yet, but she's been doing her research!

Performance: 10noo10

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