Posted by : Kirazu Jun 17, 2020

Circle : PurpleSoftware
Release : Mar/28/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 195 MB

Take a break with a sweet, peaceful nightmare.
Yuuko's a little bit wimpy, so she's never been on a real date. But she can do a "date" at home just fine.
She's been to your house before after school, but now that it's an official "date", things feel a little strange.
There's plenty to do, though -- renting a horror movie, getting in the bath together, horsing around...

This isn't a dream, it could have really happened.

The Little Match Girl book she reads may be a piece of the puzzle...

Track List:

Yuko_Tr1_v1 (10:29)
Yuko_Tr2_v1 (11:16)
Yuko_Tr3_v1 ( 9:34)
Yuko_Tr4_v1 ( 9:53)
Yuko_Tr5_v1 ( 9:12)
Yuko_Tr6_v1 (11:47)
Yuko_Tr7_v1 (10:56)
Yuko_Tr8_v1 ( 9:42)
Yuko_Tr9_v1      ( 0:42) (Sleep breathing loop)
Yuko_Tr10_Macchiuri_v1 ( 7:59) (Little Match Girl Book Reading)

Playback time: 1 hour 31 minutes 30 seconds

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