Posted by : Kirazu Jun 13, 2020

Circle : RaRo
Release : Jun/04/2020
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 293 MB

Key Points
1) A relaxing and comfortable bar atmosphere.
A shaker for mixing cocktails, clanging ice, and a whispering female bartender.

2) Your bartender is a relaxed girl with a slightly disinterested demeanor.
As its just the two of you, you get to see a different side of her.
After enjoying some drinks together, she starts a bit of playful teasing, then...?

3) The CV for the bartender Yukino is none other than popular YouTuber Tenchim!
In addition to her usual relaxed voice, we've recorded lots of her sweet and tingly whispers as well.
Enjoy your time all alone with her.

CV: Tenchim

The bartender of Envelop.
Has a slightly indifferent demeanor, but is kind and relaxed at heart.
Has a bit of a strange sense of humor that can be hard to get.
Enjoys seeing people react to her teasing.

A binaural audio product (KU100). Headphones or earphones recommended.

7 tracks
Playback time: 2:03:26

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Sharer | YuuDrive

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