Posted by : Kirazu Jul 12, 2020

Circle : Die Brust
Release : Jul/09/2020
Series : Slightly Healing Series
Age Ratings : R-rated
File Size : 189 MB

What kind of product?
In this audio work, your tsundere childhood friend gives you surprisingly loving ear cleaning.

Contains some ASMR elements, so it can be used for sleeping or focusing on work as well.

Difference to the all-ages version: Ear-kissing depictions, removal of ear-licking tracks.

Nana Matsuno
CV: Sakura Kigetsu

A gal JK, and your childhood friend.
Has loved you since you were young,
but hasn't been able to express that.

One day after school, you call your childhood friend to the music room.
Then, you bow down, and beg for her to clean your ears
While flustered at first, she grants your desire earnestly...

Total playback time: Approx. 57 minutes + bonus (PR voice, free talk)

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