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Circle : ChatNoir 
Release : Dec/19/2013
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 87 MB

Kana idolized the boy from her childhood (you). 
Somewhere along the way her crush became full-on obsessive delusions.
Then, one day the boy's parents asked her to housesit while they vacationed. 
She had a key to the house. 
It was all hers. He... was all hers. 
The gears in her yandere mind turned frantically... 
Another chance like this might never come. 
So she decided, until his parents came back, she would fulfill all fantasies. 

* Dreamy story, sexual negotiation, slavery, sleeping together and lullaby x 3 sets (MP3) 

Binaural collection: both channels 
Binaural collection: right ear 
Binaural collection: left ear 
+ Bonus afterstory 

Each set is about 97 minutes + 5 minutes afterstory 
16 total tracks, approx. 5 hours of content! 
Plus 5 sizes x 4 CG jacket artworks (20 total) 

CV: Yomogi Mochi 

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Sharer | YuuDrive

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