Posted by : Kirazu Aug 9, 2020

Release : Nov/16/2013
Series : Adult Voice
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 152 MB

"Do you know why I asked you in here?"
Upperclassman Kaoru Yuzuki is usually a very proper girl.
She invited you to her house because she's made a choice.
Ever cool and composed, she wants to do it with you.

6 scenes + ending
This is how to deep kiss (10:54)
Yes, you can put it in my mouth (09:14)
Do me hard... (01:36)
Take out your c*ck (03:55)
Cum in my throat if you want (02:34)
Put it deep inside (06:45)
I forget what else I wanted to say (00:31)

CV: Yuuri

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