Posted by : Kirazu Aug 9, 2020

Circle : ToroToro of Egg
Release : May/25/2016
Series : Strange Girlfriends
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 87 MB

Meet the "littlest little girl", a flower goddess who has protected the garden for 1000 years.
Lately nobody believes in such things. That's why she's gotten so tiny, like an undernourished plant.
She can't bear to get any smaller! (She's hungry!) Standing barely taller than a human finger,
the goddess is out to earn believers, starting with you.

05:10 scene1 (intro)
09:02 scene2 (the goddess's wish)
17:44 scene3 (the goddess gives her best)
01:07 scene4 (sleeping breath)
04:58 scene5 (epilogue)

Plus left/right versions

17:44 scene3_reverse (the goddess gives her best)
01:07 scene4_reverse (sleeping breath)

Plus wakeup/alarm voice files

CV: Ukanyan

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