Posted by : Kirazu Aug 11, 2020

Circle : Die Brust
Release : Aug/09/2020
Series : AmaSister
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 366 MB

A binaural audio work where an older girl sweetly (but teasingly!) takes your virginity.

You've made it to the doujin event where you're finally going to get your favorite circle's latest
book. And you did it! You're so happy. Then the author, Emarin, tells you about the secret
extra that people get for buying the book... and hands you a piece of paper with her
contact information on it!

Character Introduction
Emarin: (Real Name: Maki Yonezawa)
Runs a circle called MM Heaven that makes male-oriented doujin.
Her stuff tends toward femdom and is mostly for masochists.
She's a nice girl and runs the circle's SNS, too.
She's also good-looking and full-figured, making her especially popular online.
But in reality, she's a virgin hunter... And all her books are based on her real experiences!
She just loves to make boys moan, and the newest customer at the event is just her type...

Main Character:
A 19 year old fan of Emarin. He first got into her art in high school, and now he's devoted.
He's always been into adult doujins, but he wanted to wait until he was 19 to get one for
himself. And now he's come to the doujin event to do just that!
has a young-looking face and a bottom personality.

Total playback: 2:31:00 + bonus
CV: Minase Suzuka

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