Posted by : Kirazu Aug 7, 2020

Circle : Whisp
Release : Aug/04/2020
Series : Ayakashi Nostalgia
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 917 MB

Specialized ASMR
Ear cleaning:
This time, ear cleaning takes place in a small, quiet room with all the expected dialogue.
Enjoy her well-timed, careful movements -- as well as some awkward mistakes -- as Chise does
her best to maneuver her large frame and get your ears super clean in a cramped space.

This time, the ASMR is based around getting a shave. Starting with a sharpening on a real leather strop,
then moving on the real beard-shaving sounds, Soap bubbles round out the experience!
Then it's time for some old-timey entertainment... the clattering sounds of dishes, the pouring of juice
and alcohol, and a fan-tossing game...

Environmental SFX:
Field recorded for added realism! Not just tatami sounds, but the sounds of grilling food and all the
preparation that comes with it, as well!

Monobeno. A village deep in the mountains of Shikoku.
The last place where humans and ayakashi live together in harmony.

This time, you find yourself at an old inn at Monobeno, where you meet
Chise, the owner. In another life, she was raised inb the red light district, but things didn't
work out so well and she ended up an ayakashi. Let her show her appreciation for your
patronage with everything she has!

A nice shave, some food hot off the grill, and an evening of traditional entertainment await...

Character: Chise
"Marriage ... everything, really... was up to the parents.
A girl like me would get married off to someone whose face she'd never even seen.
In this part of town, love lasted for just a night, but outside of it, was nowhere to be found.
Though I suppose that was a long time ago..."

Born in the red light district, died in the red light district -- that was the life of Chise, the girl
who now wanders the area as an ayakashi called the ookaburo. She just wanted a nice, quiet
life, so she started up an inn where she can serve without paying too much mind to her size.
And that's how she met you. She's got a bright smile and is great at entertaining -- find out just
how good with your very own ears! Let her words and music relax you...

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