Posted by : Kirazu Sep 26, 2020

Circle : Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise
Release : Aug/07/2020
Series : Mentally Unstable
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 163 MB

There's a girl who loves you so, so much... and that's because she doesn't know just how messed-up
you are... When she confesses her feelings to you, you're not into it. But you could use a new fuckhole.
And hey, when you're done, just toss her aside and move on. A great plan!

For you...

Your classmate is a cheeky girl who's always bugging you. She's so fuck'n annoying.

But it turns out she likes you a lot, and one day works up the courage to confess.

You're not really into the idea or her, so she begs with all her heart.

Eh, well, you might as well fuck her at least.

CV: MasshiroMayuki

Total playback: 1:10:26

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