Posted by : Kirazu Sep 24, 2020

Circle : Whisp
Release : Sep/24/2020
Series : 高級美娼女クラブ『Seraphinite affection』
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 993 MB
You're gonna get your ears sucked while you enjoy my sexy JK body...
Onii-san, let me teach you allllllll about the best sex ever..."

"Seraphinite Affection"
A club for only the most esteemed nobles.
The hostesses are all high-class idols, actresses, and elite mistresses.
Enjoy the drinks, the private conversations, and the sexual servicing.
Welcome to the closest place to heaven in Japan.

This time, your partner is Mina Kousaka, a high school girl who also works as a gravure
model. She's got an innocent face, a dynamite body, and any man would gladly be hers.
But for tonight, she's all yours...She's not shy about touching, and her fingers are like
magic. Her kisses are so deep it's like you're drowning. And her ear-licking goes so
deep that you're just going to melt...

So come on and spend the evening with Mina.
You won't regret it, even when she's sapped all your strength away....

Mina Kousaka
CV: Suzu Sazanami

A schoolgirl gravure idol.
She does a lot of magazine and DVD work.
She's working as a hostess right now because she wants to be on TV.
An ambitious girl who flatters her clients. She's also quite skilled in bed,
and no one can escape her practiced technique.

18 tracks
Total playback time: Approx. 7 hours 23 minutes

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