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Circle  : winemusume
Release : Jan/30/2016
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 156 MB

 Just being around this sweet wine spirit is like a winetasting event.
In a joyous atmosphere of drunkenness, she starts to fawn over you.
Whispers and touches become an ear cleaning session.
Experience her trance-like attentions in a state of pseudo-alcoholic bliss.

* You can heighten the experience by sipping water!
* This audio includes a "refreshed from hypnosis" ending.

1. Welcome to the world of Grenache 6:13
2. Let's pretend wine tasting 22:11
3. Ear touching wine knowledge 6:17
4. Head on lap massage & ear cleaning 17:55
5. Drunk kissing alcoholism? 7:51
6_A. Fall asleep (right ear) 12:01
6_A. Fall asleep (left ear) 12:01
6_B. Refreshed from hypnosis 2:53

CV: Miruku

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