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Circle : R-18 Voice Circle Assault
Release : Apr/03/2016
Series : Battle Fu*k!!
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 359 MB

The Battle Coliseum.
Where women, called witches, and men, called slaves, f*ck for their lives.
Sex is the method of victory, and slaves have the most to gain from winning.
Among the witches, a talented young girl ranks high.
Her name is Maina.

Featuring five voice actresses for five styles of heroines Arisa and Maina!

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Battle Fu*k!!
A: Yomogi Mochi
B: Natyu Aizawa

Battle Fu*k!! 2
A: Hanetsukuyomi
B: Nodoka Nishiura
C: Satsuki Akushiro

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