Posted by : Kirazu Oct 19, 2020

Circle : Hibariya
Release : Feb/08/2017
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 12 MB


A Hibariya remake of Track 2 of:
"MAGIC FACTORY's CoCoRo Master Side S"

Are you stressed by modern life?
Then here is some nutrition for your heart.

A gentle elder girl will gently and softly
refill you with the essentials of life.

Positive mentality, positive thinking, positive life!
Let's create you a self image that will stand the test of time...
and assist you with creating a fulfilling life!

Track List

1. Nutrition for the Heart - Sleeping Together with your Girlfriend [11:17]
2. " " ~Tuning for the Heart~ Without BGM [7:48]
3. " " ~Tuning for the Heart~ [7:48]

* Not hypnosis, not erotic, not ear cleaning or licking.

320kbps MP3 file format

* Production Credits

Girlfriend CV: Ai Azuma

Model: Rui Kuzunoha

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