Posted by : Kirazu Oct 25, 2020

Circle : BetaLife
Release : Aug/07/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 262 MB


A binaural audio work about being hypnotized by a girl,
and turned into a masochist sex slave.

Contains verbal humiliation, whispering, ear licking,
and increasing your desire for penis.

Contains fellatio practice, self-fellatio, and cumming scenes.

CV: Yuzuri Nagimiya

The girl you like in your club finds out you're a masochist,
and makes you sign a slave contract.
She starts with whispering and ear licking, then brainwashes
you into a fellatio field that gets horny for penis,
and forces you to suck yourself off.

Total playback time: 1 hour 31 minutes 12 seconds (+bonus)

This is something of a joke work.
No discrimination is intended against any sexuality or gender.
This work is purely meant as masturbation support for guys who want to be fem-corrupted.

This circle assumes no responsibility for any damages caused as a result of this work.
Please do not attempt self-fellatio yourself, as it is highly dangerous.

Brainwashing / sexual training / gay / no reversals / verbal humiliation / sex slave /
cumdump / fellatio / SM / immoral / corruption

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