Posted by : Kirazu Oct 3, 2020

Circle : emoi-do
Release : Oct/02/2020
Series : Naked Co-sleeping Series
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 623 MB

 Feel the laziness of a countryside summer day with Foley Sound!

An easygoing shrine maiden gives you a reward to skipping work with her.

Enjoy high-quality and realistic ear licking and ear cleaning sounds along with
naturally-recorded sounds!

Experience the very best in summertime audio along with great bonuses and a gorgeous illustration!

Yura Jinguji is a shrine maiden who has agreed to help out at your family shrine in exchange
for her not getting held back a year in school.
However, over the course of the week, it's clear her slothful ways aren't going to be fixed...
What more, the lazy air gives way to erotic seduction...

Name: Yura Jinguji
Height: 166cm
Three sizes: B101/62/92

A schoolgirl sent to help out at your family shrine for a week.
Well, she's supposed to help out, but she seems more interested in playing hooky.
She ends up lazing on the deck lazily in her shrine maiden outfit.
The protagonist tries to scold her into working, but her erotic appearance and seduction
give him pause..

Contains co-sleeping, summer night, watermelon, deck lounging, ear cleaning,
shaved ice, ramune, titjob, cowgirl, missionary, doggy

11 tracks + 1 bonus track
Total playback Time: 4 hours 5 minutes 4 seconds

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