Posted by : Kirazu Oct 5, 2020

Circle : studio rain
Release : Sep/24/2020
Series : One x Shota Voice Drama
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 205 MB

Libyua hated humans and monsters, choosing instead
to live peacefully by herself on a remote island.

However, one day, a human boy turns up on the island from another world.
Libyua is distant at first, but comes to love him.

A lovey-dovey oneshota story.

Libyua (Age unknown)
A lamia that lives on a remote island due to her distaste for humans and monsters alike.
She drives off any men who try to land, but she can't refuse a drink of hot semen from cute boys.

[Track List]

●(0).プロローグ (2:48)
●(1).ラミアとの異世界生活一日目 (23:31)
●(2).ラミアとの異世界生活二日目 (19:56)
●(3).ラミアとの異世界生活三日目 (21:14)
●(4).ラミアとの異世界生活四日目 (19:50)
●(5).ラミアとの異世界生活✕✕日目 (23:00)

Total playback time: 1 hour 50 minutes 11 seconds

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