Posted by : Kirazu Oct 16, 2020

Circle : Central Consait Citizen
Release : Oct/08/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 323 MB
On a trip back home to the country, you encounter Erika Amane, and she's as needy as ever.
But she's also challenged you to a game -- a sexy game with sexy rewards!
And it seems she's got a specific goal in mind...

Erika Amane (CV: Rio Fujimura)

A younger girl that lives next door to your childhood home.
She's sort of rude and a little arrogant.

However, she has extremely strong masochist inclinations, and wants to get raped.

Condom sucking, piston sex, lewd dancing, taking her from behind, and more!

Total playback: 1:12:20

CV: Rio Fujimura

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