Posted by : Kirazu Oct 23, 2020

Circle : 072LABO 
Release : Oct/22/2020 0
Series : ルーインドオーガズム
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 250 MB

Handle the jerk-off instructions, ear-licking, handjobs, and dominant cowgirl,
and become a master of your domain.
Or give in, and be reduced to a ruined orgasm milk machine...
Will you pass Chinatsu's test?

How to play
Legal Fapping vs Law-skirting Fapping: Which Do You Prefer? Ruined Orgasm 2 [072LABO]
The rules go like this:
- Fap to the voice directing you to jerk
- Use the "stay field" item to take a break
- If you hear "hentai". you must start jerking again
- Maximum 1 break per track
- Cumming = game over
- If you game over, you can start over again from that track

For the law-skirting version, you'll be gunning for a ruined orgasm into a cup
- After cumming, take a break.
- If you hear "hentai", start again
- Take a rest when your body is about to give out.

Chinatsu / CV: SatouShio
- White panties
- Shaved
- Black knee-highs
- Naked footjobs
- Handjob from behind
- Big breasts

What's a ruined orgasm?
A ruined orgasm is releasing one's hands at the point of ejaculation,
just before the moment of climaxing pleasure.
The sensation is pleasurable, and causes some semen to dribble out,
but still leaves you horny for more.
The denial of a climax is especially nice for masochists!

Total playback time: Approx. 2 hours 15 minutes

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