Posted by : Kirazu Oct 25, 2020

Circle : Discipline Girl
Release : Oct/24/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 1.60 GB


1) A sweet and sexy story about bowing down and begging 5 girls to become your momma.
2) You're free to enjoy their motherly charms, and even their breast milk.
3) Everyone comes together for ear-cleaning, ear-massage ASMR, and sleep time.
4) Hard-working momma voices chosen by audition,
on top of popular voice actresses Yuka Hinata and Waka Kohanai!

Rui Momose, Nurse
CV: SatouShio (SugarSolt)
A caring nurse that can't turn down requests.
Wants to relax after a long night shift, but she has desires of her own~

Ayaka Yashiro, Cafe worker
CV: Waka Kohana
A worker at the cafe you frequent.
Becomes a momma as a result of her worries about her body producing breast milk.

Miyu Yashiro, Illustrator
CV: Yuka Hinata
A beautiful illustrator with a warm disposition. Easily gets lonely.

Asuka Anjo, Bartender
CV: 三星しえ
The senior girl you liked in high school.

Shiho Segawa, Taxi Driver
An angelic girl with a brilliant smile, who is also easily duped in doing things.
A single mother who lets you drink her milk.

[Total playback time]
5 hours 52 minutes (main)

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