Posted by : Kirazu Dec 28, 2020

Circle : Forest of babubabu
Release : Dec/26/2020
Series : Babied and Made Fun of By Oneesan
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 391 MB
You're the new guy at the library, and the two librarians there are always
teasing you as if you're a baby -- even though you're in a sexual relationship.

Even when you're trying to work, they're making fun of you.

"Oh my, how embawassing to be doing dat duwing work..."
"Are you okay? You want to cwum inside my pwanties? Ahaha..."

And that's how your sweet and sexy life with the two librarians began...

Fuuka (CV: Natsuki Nogami)
Says things like "oh my" and "well well".
You're her type so she seduces you very enthusiastically.

Shinobu (CV: Haru Koyama)
A possessive girl who loves to tease. She enjoys watching your reactions.

9 tracks
Total playback: 2:50:00

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