Posted by : Kirazu Jan 26, 2021

Circle  : Chivalric Order of the Extreme Masochists
Release : Feb/17/2019
Series : Compilations
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 120 MB

This is a bundle containing Chivalric Order of the Extreme Masochists' previous works.

Titles Included:
"[Binaural] Completely Defeated by Little Sister Succubus Who You Sexually Bullied (RJ241445)"
"[Binaural] School Junior's Harsh Lesson (RJ241849)"
"[Binaural] Schoolgirl's Special Extracurricular Lesson on Masochist Teacher (RJ242099)"
"[Binaural] Well-mannered Class-rep's JOI for Masochist Teacher (RJ242201)"
"[Binaural] Demonic CFNM: Humiliating Sadomasochistic Domination by Demonic Power (RJ243394)"

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