Posted by : Kirazu Jan 12, 2021

Circle : emoi-do
Release : Jul/12/2020
Series : emoi Iyashi / Healing Series
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 462 MB

After an injury leaves you unable to move, you decide to hire a house-cleaner,
but instead, a JK prostitute in maid cosplay shows up!?
And her services don't end at cleaning the house and washing you.
She puts her young body to good use!

Includes ear-cleaning, ear-licking, shaving, shampoo..
And in secret from her company.:
Fellatio, cum-swallowing, vacuum fellatio, dick care inside her pussy, lotion play.

Misaki Fujieda
Height: 153cm
Three sizes: B90/57/85

A schoolgirl working for a delivery maid service in secret from her school and family.
An honor student at a top school with top grades and athletic ability.
However, prostitution gives her a dirty outlet for her to toss aside that "good girl" image society requires of her.

Suika Nishiuri

Total playback time: 4 hours 35 minutes 51 seconds

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