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Circle : Healing Hut Mochi Cat
Release : Nov/06/2020
Series : Jewel Girl
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 261 MB

After your experience with Alexandrite, her friend Pearl and Moonstone join in the fun!
All three are very curious about humans, but each has her own distinct personality.

Pearl is very proactive, Moonstone is modest6, and Alexandrite has a jealous streak.

And they're all so happy to have you in the Jewel Garden!

Supposedly the most noble of all the jewels,
but she can't help but leave her mansion to sate her brimming curiosity.

Alexandrite's quiet and clumsy friend with a strong protective instinct.

Alexandrite's calm and collected friend who's good with a sword.

A fun time with three jewel girls as the strict Alexandrite invites her friends to hang out with you!
But with two more girls vying for your attention, she may be getting a little jealous.

Alexandrite CV: Yui Asami

Pearl CV: Gemiko Yamada

Moonstone CV: Hicomaru

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