Posted by : Kirazu Jan 8, 2021

Release : Jan/06/2021
Age Ratings : G-rated
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It's the NECOGURASHI New Year special!

Today's ASMR
- Wet towel ear wiping
- Bamboo ear pick (Left, right, both)
- Fizzy damp cotton swab (Right, left, both)
- Cat toy ear cleaning (Right, left, both)
- Oil ear massage (Right, left, both)
- Ear massage with leather gloves (Right, left, both)
- Ear blowing (Right, left, both)
- Ear nibbling (both)
- Calico and Chinchilla sighs

Over 2 hours of story-driven ASMR!

Take on the role of a certain deity, one of the Nekomeikan's best customers,
as get some special special service from the Calico (CV: Sumire Uesaka)
and Chinchilla (CV: Kanae Ito) cats to ring in 2021!

Calico Cat (CV: Sumire Uesaka) (Right)

A timid and quiet calico cat girl. Has none of the typical feline curiosity.
She's polite and well-mannered. One could say she isn't good at speaking.
Conversations are hard for her. Somewhat proud of her pretty, hooked tail.

Chinchilla Cat (CV: Kanae Ito) (Left)
The chinchilla cat is the very picture of excellence.
She's smart, loving, and there's not a single bad part of her personality.
She favorite to be chosen in the Festival of Nine Souls.
Her technique is unmatched by the other cats, and the Cat Goddess trusts
her so much that she's allowed to participate from the Catnip Hot Springs.
They say that if you touch the mole under her eye, you'll sleep really well that night.

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