RJ307047 - Floor Masturbation Training That'll Keep You From Ever Cumming In a Woman Again

Circle : Chastity Fancier 
Release : Apr/16/2021 
Series : サラ様による調教♪
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 168 MB
Welcome to Club Dominance.
Thank you for selecting Sara Kazamatsuri.
This is a club for those perverts that love to be dominated and jeered at by women.
Our mistresses are all sadists who will deliver the strictest of training.
And there's no backing out, so prepare yourself beforehand...

Today's training will be the "Floor Masturbation Assault Course"
By the time we're through with you, this will be the only way you'll be able to get off.
Not even a warm, inviting pussy will be enough for you to ejaculate.
This is a course only for those that want to explore a forbidden form of masturbation,
and make their pathetic dick beholden to it...

Total playback time: 56 minutes 51 seconds

CV: Shiho Bubaigawara

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RJ323569 - Experimental Slow Sex With a Lonely Housewife

Circle : kusinsai 
Release : Apr/16/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 281 MB


Slow sex is not about going for the ejaculation; it's about the process, the build up.
Stimulating all your sensitive bits over a longer period can bring you orgasms you've never dreamed of.
Enjoy this relaxing and pleasurable sex!
Remember, it's not a race!

Kaori is a beautiful neighbor of yours, though sadly she's married.
She's older than you, and gives off that lovely mature aura.
Just her smile and greeting puts you at ease.
But it seems recently, her husband has left on a long business trip.
She invites you to enjoy some freshly delivered apples with her.
and something happens which causes the two of you to cross a forbidden line...

Now, you'll come to know the pleasure of slow sex from a sexually unfulfilled housewife.
You'll get so addicted to it, it'll start to take over your daily life.
It won't leave your mind.
And the immorality of your affair? Toppings on the pleasure cake.

Age: 37
Height: 165cm
Breasts: G-cup

A housewife with plenty of free time on her hands.
She's rather lonely because her husband is always working late, or going on business trips.

Total playback time: 121 minutes

CV: Uni Koishikawa

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RJ323718 - Secret Relations with Your Rental Girlfriends

Circle : sharp 
Release : Apr/16/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 275 MB
You've been making use of a rental girlfriend agency, and Yurika,
the popular schoolgirl you selected this time, suggests you have sex on the first date...!

Then you run into Kanon, a girl you've previously selected, and it seems she wants you back...!

Can you handle all this seduction and raw sex...?

CV: Yuka Hinata
A pure schoolgirl that fell in love with you after you chose her at the rental girlfriend agency.
She takes your virginity at a hotel after your date...!

CV: Kaede Akino

An energetic girl you've dated a lot via the rental girlfriend agency.
She seduces you in hopes of taking you back via cheating sex...!

Playback time: Approx. 2 hours

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RJ323397 - My Annoyingly Cute Girlfriend ~Punishing Vibrator Date~

Circle : amagami@voice 
Release : Apr/14/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 187 MB

Mao was a schoolgirl in the same club as you. She's a little spoiled, a little annoying, but so, so cute.
Normally she teased you and called you "senpai", but the day you graduated, she confessed that she'd
liked you for a while. She may be a handful, but she's got a gentle side, too.
And so you decide to go out with her.

"Senpai, let's go on a date!"

"Senpai, I'm embarrassed."

"I love you, senpai..."

She's very honest now that you're a couple. Everything's coming up you!

"You're such a masochist perv, senpai."

"Aren't you embarrassed being teased by your kouhai?"

Well, she is still kind of annoying... You want to make her understand that you're older than she is,
but you haven't quite hit your limit. But you did formulate a plan. If she was late to your date,
you'd make her walk around with a vibrator inside her. Ohhh, that'd be wonderful to see her eyes
filled with tears as she tries to hide the pure sensation flowing through her body...

Hmm, she's 5 minutes late already. Maybe you can put the plan into motion sooner than expected...

Mao Itou
Height: 160cm
Three sizes: B83/W58/H84
Likes: exercise, you
Dislikes: Bitter things, partiers

A sporty girl on the track team.
Her hips and thighs are toned from all the track practice, and shirts really highlight her chest.
In terms of face and body, she's one of the two hottest girls in school.
Personality-wise, she's a bit annoying and likes to tease you.
Even so, she loves you more than anyone, and is weak under pressure.
At first she's the more dominant one in your relationship, but a certain incident turns the tables.

CV: Haruru Akiyama

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RJ308420 - Villainess x Creampie x Pleasure Corruption

Circle : tied up girls 
Release : Nov/28/2020
Series : 悪の女幹部凌辱
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 69 MB

The villainess Rachel came from another dimension with ambitions of conquering the world,
but was defeated, captured, and forced to perform fellatio and other debauched acts for the heroes.
Now, it's time for direct violation...

Main playback time: Approx. 13 minutes

CV: Kinon

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RJ323536 - Cum-squeezed by Twin Apparitions

Circle : Atelier NICHE 
Release : Apr/15/2021 
Series : 淫魔
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 643 MB
Two twin spirits that feed on semen capture you,
their crimson eyes peering through your lusty soul.
Their dark whispers igniting your deepest desires...
Yet what awaited you was even beyond your expectations...

A binaural dirty talk audio work themed on getting cum-squeezed by apparitions.

CV: Run Hanami

Playback time: 85 minutes 7 seconds

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RJ323117 - Screwing Around in the Library With a Cool Bookworm

Circle : Lamune-ya 
Release : Apr/13/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 243 MB


You confessed to your bookish classmate Shizuka Amamiya, and what happened next...?

Well, it turns out she's not just an ordinary bookworm. She reads a lot of erotic novels, and wants to
try out some of the things she's read about... so begins your sexy new library life!

In the dimming light of sunset, let her take the lead...

Total playback: 1 hour 45 minutes

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