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Circle : PurpleSoftware
Release : Mar/28/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 196 MB

Take a break with a sweet, peaceful nightmare.
Alice will soothe your tired mind and body by bringing you into her sweet, happy nightmare at a dream resort...

Enjoy a leisurely walk at the seaside, just the two of you.
Alice has planned for the two of you to stay in a cottage by the ocean for 1 night and 2 days.
Swim when the mood strikes you, rest whenever you want, enjoy some sweets, take a bath
overlooking the sea... she's prepared everything. Well, there IS only one bed.
But that's no problem, right?

That's how things were supposed to go, anyway...
But the two of you are stuck somewhere you've never been...

The Little Mermaid book Alice reads may have something to do with her dream...

Track List:

alice_Tr1_v1 ( 6:00)
alice_Tr2_v1 (12:28)
alice_Tr3_v1 (15:41)
alice_Tr4_v1 (14:27)
alice_Tr5_v1 (12:18)
alice_Tr6_v1 ( 8:54)
alice_Tr7_v1 ( 4:44)
alice_Tr8_v1 ( 6:30)
alice_Tr9_v1       ( 0:39) (Sleep breathing Loop)
alice_Tr10-ningyohime_v1 (11:58) (Little Mermaid Book Reading)

Playback time: 1 hour 33 minutes 39 seconds

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