Posted by : Kirazu Jul 11, 2020

Circle : Whisp
Release : Jul/08/2020
Series : Ayakashi Nostalgia
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 747 MB

Monobeno. A village deep in the mountains of Shikoku.
The last place where humans and ayakashi live together in harmony.

This time, you find yourself at an old inn at Monobeno, where you meet
a spirit from the sea with two bodies but seemingly one mind, Mako and Koma.
They take you fly-fishing by the river, and then they clean your ears in your room
as repayment for dragging you along.

Enjoy your time with a spirit from the sea that can never return there, and be moved
by the nostalgic feelings of the sea resting in your heart.

Mako and Koma

A spirit from the sea with two bodies but seemingly one mind
However, knowledge of them has almost completely faded.
To avoid extinction, the move away from the sea to the sheltering village of Monobeno.
The spirit takes a job at the inn going fishing in the river.

Deep in your soul, the spirit hears the nostalgic sounds of waves,
and decides to invite you to fish in the river.

Enjoy satisfying ear-cleaning, fishing, and cooking as Mako and Koma
speak to you from the left and right side, and finally sleep alongside you.

as Mako and Koma: Nanami Mizuno @mzn773

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