Posted by : Kirazu Oct 7, 2020

Circle : M-Arms 
Release : Dec/20/2015
Series : Dreamy Warmth
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 133 MB

You're staying over at your friend's house to study for the test. 
Several hours after dinner you need a break, and take up the offer of running a hot bath. 
Alone and relaxing in the tub, you hear footsteps approach the door. 
It's your friend's hot sister. 
"I saw you looking at me when you came over," she says saucily. 
Suddenly, she's in the bathroom with you! 
The provocative minx approaches, a mischievous smile on her pretty face...

A romantic audio in 7 tracks 
About 59 min / 320kbps / MP3 format 

CV: Sayuri Misaki

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