Posted by : Kirazu Nov 1, 2020

Circle : Momoiro Code
Release : Feb/07/2020
Series : Mimikaki Relaxation Shop Michikusaya
Age Ratings : R-rated
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 ~Slow life in the countryside~

A casual walk with friends, a balmy August afternoon ear cleaning.
Cicadas cry, fireworks pop in the distance as the sky goes orange to purple at sunset.
Enjoy a nostalgic, relaxing summer of sound.

A subtitled audio work.

You hear the chorus of evening cicadas are you make your way from the shrine to the inn.
Walk alongside two girls on the ever-stretching country road.
and excitedly share ghost stories, casually chat, and sing children's songs.

Lying around at night, you hear the crackling of fireworks and wind chimes.
Enjoy a summer night as a caregiver leisurely speaks with you.

* Natural! The feeling of escaping daily life!
Recorded audio has been left as-is as much as possible to enhance the natural feeling of the sound.
Feel the closeness of the flowing river, or the chorus of cicadas behind you.
The feeling of distance changes as you walk as well.

* Up close nibbling!
We have altered our usual recording methods to make the nibbling feel closer than ever.

* Giving our fullest to make a light atmosphere!
Using a dummy body mic with 24bit/192khz hi-res audio, feel even the subtle details, such as the direction a character is facing.

Uzume Kariori (as Seri)
Renge Toudou (as Suzuna)
All other credits: Momotori

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