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Circle : shushoku
Release : Oct/15/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 238 MB

The devilish Ibu. The angelic Maria. And you, their eldest brother.
They find out you have a crush on someone in your class,
and while they usually don't get along, they agree you must be "corrected".
They confine you, and decide on some "training".

The Household
A family of 4; you, your sisters, and your parents.
Your father is a bit of an oddball, who leaves on foot to head to Italy to learn Braziliation Jiujutsu.
Maria has something over him, and has him periodically send her some specially made things...

Ibu (CV: Haru Amachi) / B-cup

The older sister, with small breasts and a small figure to boot.
A feisty girl with lots of interest in sex, however, she tries not
to let people see that. Occasionally becomes Maria's toy.

Maria (CV: Minase Suzuka) / D-cup

The younger of the twin sisters, with a large figure and large breasts.
Scarily lusty. Loves Ibu, mother, and you of course!

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