Posted by : Kirazu Jan 7, 2021

Circle : Four Seasons of the Fox Rain
Release : Nov/28/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 240 MB


You're having some fun at a local game center
when a plain-looking girl calls out to you.

"Hey, would you mind giving me a sip of that can coffee?"
Inquiring, it seems she hasn't had anything to eat since yesterday, and has no money.
"Lost my job? Nah, I just don't work."

She invites you to go somewhere with her.
Her sweet scent grips you.

"Where to? Somewhere to kill some time, I guess"

Plain Unemployed Woman
CV: Yukiko Shinomori

A girl in her earlier 20s with no job, and seemingly no permanent home.
It seems her old apartment is set to be demolished,
and the power and water are already cut.

In the past, she's been the victim of peep photography while washing herself at the park at night.

Main playback time: Approx. 36 minutes 7 seconds
Total playback time: Approx. 2 hours 49 minutes

CV: Yukiko Shinomori
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