Posted by : Kirazu Feb 1, 2021

Circle : mikan-ya
Release : Jan/02/2021
Series : She helps the whole class release their sexual frustrations!
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 279 MB

There's an all new "gym" that just opened up. Virgins are welcome!
You see, this is a gym not for making gains, but for making babies --
Gotta get that birth rate back up somehow!

Aiko Arisugawa
A sweet and somewhat airheaded girl who's very kind to the men she meets.

A sweet love lesson!
Nothing harsh, even if it is for masochists!
She'll tease you very gently!
No reversals!

Total playback time:133 minutes 15 seconds

CV: Sesame Soymilk (GomaTounyuu)

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