Posted by : Kirazu Mar 22, 2021

Circle : Tonkotsu Wave 
Release : Mar/20/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 227 MB

Your super busty, super sweet, and super shota-loving sensei wants to spend some time with you!
Just you... all alone...

Everybody loves titties, right? Especially you, you pervy little virgin. This is a dream created just for you!

Want to see your teacher's tits? Want to suck on them?
Or maybe you want a nice blowjob where you finish in her mouth.
Or... and just hear me out here... what about sticking your dick between those two massive
mountains for the titjob of a lifetime?

-Teacher (CV; Shiho Bubaigawara)
Your beautiful friendly, left-handed teacher.
She's very serious, but has a positive and gentle personality.
B:120 W:60 H:88 / P Cup / Inverted nipples
Despite her unbelievable tits, she's got a thin waist. Her body's one in a million.
And luckily for you, she likes her guys a little younger!
She's very devoted and will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Even that.
When her partners get turned on, so does she.

- You
A virgin who knows a lot about sex.
Ever since meeting your new teacher, your grades have taken a dive. But hey, you're learning things
that are actually useful to adults, instead!

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