Posted by : Kirazu Mar 24, 2021

Circle : Amashiko Channel 
Release : Mar/19/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 260 MB


Himemiya. Petite, cute, kind, and doesn't stand out too much. She rejected me.
Said her childhood friend is her boyfriend.
But i couldn't accept that, so I got myself a hypnosis application,
and used it to turn her into my sexual service maid.
Now, she cooks and cleans for me, on top of serving as an outlet for all my cum, and even my piss.
She takes it all happily.

And yet, the real Himemiya still won't accept my feelings.
Perhaps one day all the hypnotized cum-sucking will subtly change her real thoughts about me?
Or perhaps it won't...

Koharu Himemiya

A schoolgirl, and my classmate.
Loves reading. Lots of boys secretly like her.
She's going out with her childhood friend Rikuto, but my hypnosis application
overwrites her consciousness, and allows me to tune her into my personal sex maid.

Handjob, French kiss, whispering, piss drinking, nipple licking, anal licking, ball-licking,
fellatio, cum-swallowing, irrumatio, missionary, cowgirl, co-sleeping, cum drinking from condom, etc.


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