Posted by : Kirazu Mar 12, 2021

Circle : Yadonar's Cafe 
Release : Jan/05/2021
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 185 MB
Your little sister... well, your little loafer...
She's pretty sloppy, and she's always just lounging around.

But there's one thing that gets her really fired up...
That's right -- making ASMR.
One day, she asks you, her big brother...
well, she BEGS you... to buy her a new microphone.
You're not all that into ASMR, so you tried to blow her off, but...

"Big brother, you don't know anything about ASMR, so I'll give you a taste...! I'll use the wood ear pick, cotton swabs, and a bonten to really help you relax...!"

And so you gave in and entrusted her with your ears.
Indeed, and you did it without even knowing her "true plan"...

Even so, her skills are real.
Just relax and leave everything to her... it's a 3 course set of relaxation...
Enjoy as you feel the difference in all sorts of sounds.


*This work was recorded binaurally.
Please listen with headphones/earphones
for the most realistic experience.

Total playback: 1:20:00

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