Posted by : Kirazu Mar 14, 2021

Circle : Studio RefRevo
Release : Mar/14/2021
Series : Downer Heroine Series
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 219 MB

The classroom was supposed to be empty...
You sense somebody is there, and approach one of the lockers...

When you opened it, you found a girl in your class named Mafuyu!

She's thick and thin in all the right places,
and for some reason invites you to join her inside the locker!

The two of you are squeezed so close together...
what will happen when she says she wants to please you...?

Voice actress Tsubame Yuzuki will draw you into her trap...

Sweet whispers and orgasm noises!

A normally shy girl gives it her all! Sighs, whispers, and a handjob~

Sweet ear licking that goes deep!

All the whispering you can handle!

A heart-pounding onahole handjob in the bathroom!

Sex from behind stuck in the locker! Plus a blowjob and swallowing~

She'll get a little louder when she cums...!

Mafuyu Sekine (CV: Tsubame Yuzuki)
A lethargic, slow-paced girl.
Three sizes: B92(F-cup)/W56/H88

You classmate. She doesn't normally stand out, and one day she disappears.

She doesn't do well in the sunlight, so her seat being next to the window was a problem.
When you offered to switch seats with her, she developed a bit of a thing for you.

She likes dark, confined spaces, so she spends a lot of her free time in cramped places.
Lately she's a big fan of the storage locker in the classroom.

Mafuyu also has a very strong sexual side. Her preference is to go on the attack herself,
but when it starts to feel good she gets embarrassed over her moans.

She's normally pretty low-energy... but when things get hot, she gets loud!

Total playback: about 1:35:00

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