Posted by : Kirazu Mar 28, 2021

Circle : Studio RefRevo 
Release : Mar/25/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 199 MB

You're all alone with your gardening club senior, a pure, kind, and beautiful girl.
She turns red when you call her cute, so you decide to escalate things to 11 by
telling her straight "I wanna have sex!"

Obviously, that'd be too much, but I manage to convince her to let me feel her breasts.
As I squeeze her soft mounds, it seems like she felt something, so I continue making requests,
each one a little lewder than the last.

As long as I keep saying "This is the last thing", she seems to reluctantly accept.
In the end, she even lets me fuck her cowgirl style.

And as it turns out, that pure girl makes some naughty moans while having sex...

Name: Haruna Saotome
3-sizes: B102(J-cup)/W58/H96

A kind and pure girl who has a hard time turning down requests.
The head of the gardening club, who is thankful for all his hard work
helping out with the club.

She's a total virgin, but once she gets going, it seems she's a natural in bed.
And that purity gets lost in the throes of pleasurable moans...

Contains handjob, ear licking, fellatio, sex, titjob, cowgirl, etc.

Total playback time: Approx. 86 minutes (1 hour 26 minutes)

CV:Yuka Hinata (

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