Posted by : Kirazu Mar 18, 2021

Circle : Steel Doll 
Release : Mar/16/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 220 MB

Featuring realistic audio, with mics to perfectly suit each scene!
There's no escape from this hellishly pleasurable cum-control torture...!
Feel Azerea's chilly demeanor up close as she interrogates you...

You decided to visit this small country for some sightseeing, but it seems part of the area
is still embroiled in a war. The guide assured you it was far away from where you're staying,
but soon, you find yourself getting captured under suspicion of being a spy.

"There's one thing that makes humans more submissive than pain...pleasure."

The false accusation leads to your interrogation via unbearable cum-control edging.
What fate awaits you...?


Name: Azerea Glena
CV: Rizu Nishina

An earnest and strong lieutenant who will do anything to acquire the information she needs.
She's skilled in sexual torture, as she's realized that method of interrogation is much more successful than violence...

Contains ear licking, handjob, onahole jerking, fellatio, nipple vibrator, sex, etc.

Playback time: Approx. 117 minutes

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