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Circle : dogyearcompany 
Release : Mar/26/2021 
Series : 異世界
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 348 MB    
You become the father figure for a girl that's living alone in the mountains away from the village.
You bring her food, and play with her. Soon, she starts to see you not as a parent, but as a partner.
However...she's a fox youkai, and you're a human.
You agreed to care for her on the condition she never go to the village, so you're the only human she knows.
You're filled with guilt about a certain something, but continue to raise her...


CV: Yuka Hinata
"Geez, you're late. I thought you weren't gonna show up..."

A fox youkai whose parents died after she was born.
Adores the protagonist for caring for her since a young age, and comes to love him.
Lives in an abandoned temple in the mountains.
Plays with the protagonist in the day, and is left to herself when he returns at night.
Unlike humans, youkai growth can be rather sudden.

"Papa, how will we play today?"

"Bye bye Papa. See you again..."


A father-like figure for Kotoha.
You go to the mountain to feed her and play with her every day before returning home.
You feel guilty about a certain incident involving Kotoha.
Realizing her feelings, you intend to put some distance between the two of you.

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