Posted by : Kirazu Mar 20, 2021

Circle : Delphinapterus leucas 
Release : Mar/15/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 113 MB

Meno is a beautiful, mysterious schoolgirl who lives next door and sometimes comes over to "hang out".
One day she tells you about her special power... she's able to enter the dreams of anyone who falls asleep
with her. It seems she gained this ability by sleeping much more than average.

One night when you're tired after work, she invites you to experience her power for yourself... and a whole
new world of pleasure unfolds in your dreams!

How to Enjoy:
Please listen in bed, on a sofa, or anywhere else you can relax. Turn off the lights.

Truthfully, the effect will not come immediately. But after listening for 15 or 20 minutes straight,
you may start to feel yourself getting warmer. After 30 minutes, your whole body should feel different.
Soon you'll fall into the trap... a sexual trip like no other!

This is a trip that starts with sounds.
It's like a drug. You may even sweat.
You'll feel a deep ecstasy throughout your body...
And afterward, your navigator will give you a sexy reward...
Melt together with her...

Total playback: 71 minutes

CV: Yuka Hinata

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