Posted by : Kirazu Mar 20, 2021

Circle : Bousaba Lubricant 
Release : Mar/18/2021 
Series : 双子JK
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 437 MB
"There is but one condition.
That is...
You must make babies with Risa and Rito"

While walking in the forest during a trip, you stumble across a strange village.
It seems it's called "Baby-making Onahole Village"

A village that exists in a different world than yours, where non-humans live
in the shape of humans...

You meet the twins Risa and Rito, and they agree to give you food and lodging
in exchange for "your seed".

What more, they wish for you to think of them only as your personal fuckholes.
While whispering sweet lewdities in your ear, they squeeze out every last drop of cum
your dick has to offer.

And so your baby-making holiday begins.
In this village, you're free to fuck when you want, wherever you want!

What's Baby-making Onahole Village?
A village that exists in a separate dimension, but occasionally overlaps with Earth.
The inhabitants look human, but assuredly are not.

When lost human males enter, and get trapped until the village overlaps with Earth again,
they are offered food and board with one catch; they must baby-make to their body's limit.,
and help the village continue on.

In a sense, it's a village you can't escape without making offspring.

Risa and Rito
Two twins that like in the Baby-making Onahole Village.

They are not human, but they possess all the same "parts".
They are calm, and can sense what others are thinking.
They show little emotion, and have no problem with being treated as simple cumholes.
They believe they exist only to reproduce, and keep their species alive.
This is their first time performing this duty, and they're both virgins.
They are both happy to see you accept their proposition, and come to like you.

Contains penetration, raw sex, creampie, ear licking, dirty talk, onahole jerking,
nipple licking, cum-swallowing, fellatio, etc.

Playback time: 141 minutes

CV: Narumi Aisaka / @narumiaisaka

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