Posted by : Kirazu Apr 3, 2021

Circle : Junkdemonium 
Release : Mar/28/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 168 MB

Drunken office worker Mioko loves dirty dicks!
A lewd binaural delight for all lovers of debauchery!
Dick-sniffing, vacuum fellatio, dick-cheese licking, semen-belching, it's all here!

Mioko Kusakabe
A 28 year-old office worker, Beautiful and talented, her one weakness is alcohol.
She lets out rancid farts, makes bad dad jokes, and worse.
She refrains from drinking at office drinking parties.
However, she trusts you, her junior, enough to drink while you're together.

Has a smell fetish; particularly the scent of dick.

CV: Yukiko Shinomori

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