Posted by : Kirazu Apr 3, 2021

Circle : Sugarette 
Release : Mar/30/2021 
Series : あいべや
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 252 MB

You're suddenly out of a place to live when your parents tell you they're renovating the house,
and you end up living together with your gal childhood friend...!?
In truth, the two of you have just started going out, so this is a rather heart-pounding development.
And it seems she feels the same way...

Kissing, co-sleeping, whispering H, fellatio, cowgirl sex, etc.

Chinatsu Miyamura

Your cheery and popular childhood friend.
Loves to care for others, so much so that her classmates call her "Mom".
She was like a sister to you growing up. She stuck close to you, and spoiled you a lot.
However, she tends to get lonely, and act spoiled sometimes as well....

Her dream is to become your wife.

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